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>  > There is not a popular graphics program in
>  >  existence that requires these steps to draw primitive shapes such as
>  >  boxes. It's no more complex than that. "A" solution is to add a
>  >  simple, basic primitive drawing tool to gimp. Coincidently, that is
>  >  also the "right" solution -- it perfectly fills the requirements of
>  >  the goal. I'll draft up a spec some time. It may turn out to be
>  >  acceptable, it may not. I'll keep it simple.
I want to make myself clear, I would support the idea of shape drawing
tools (box, ellipse, polygon), providing they have the following
1. Drawing mode+opacity, since it is a paint tool.
2. Choosing between FG,BG,Pattern, and No fill
3. Enabling or disabling antialiasing
4. Enabling or disabling stroking (so you can just quickly draw a
filled polygon, say, with no edging.)
5. UI should be based on their respective selection tools -- eg the
resizing of a box or ellipse, or editing of a polygon, should be
operated completely identically to their selection counterparts.

6. These tools are hidden by default (use Tools palette to un/hide or
reorder tools)

Point 6 is mainly because.. GIMP is not a drawing program. (much as I
would like it to be :), I do agree that you should be able to do basic
drawing of the kind you want in it. I would use these tools myself; I
acknowledge that I'm not the target audience of the GIMP, nor are you
apparently (see
http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_UI_Redesign#product_vision )
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