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> The GIMP TIFF plug-in lacks support for Exif information. It should not
> be too difficult to add basic support to it. Basic means that the TIFF
> loader attaches the Exif information to the image and the TIFF writer
> writes any attached Exif data back to the file. If this is important for
> you, then I suggest that you add this functionality to the TIFF plug-in.
> If you need help, feel free to ask technical questions on the
> gimp-developer mailing-list.

I'm a end user, and this is very important functionality for people
who are professional users; they would like to keep the information that
when did they take the picture, what is the camera shutter, etc.

Since I can not write the codes; I'm a Linux user; gimp is the only
and the best image editor in linux, I would like to know if any
developer is interested
in adding this functionality which is important for professional users.

Thank you

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