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> To convert back to TIFF you can use ImageMagick's convert tool.
> According to this discussion:
> http://www.imagemagick.org/discourse-server/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11600
> convert will retain EXIF data.  This is true as long as you're simply
> converting formats and not resizing (such as creating thumbnails).
> Converting file formats is as simple as
> convert file.jpg file.tif

I am afraid that this might be true only for MS Windows. I tried on
linux (ubuntu 8.04 amd64):

$ convert orig_with_exif_and_icc.jpg test.tif

The test.tif has only the ICC profile embedded, Exif is lost. This might
be caused by libtiff library, which is different on the systems.

I do not have any TIFF file with Exif, so cannot test what happens on

On linux, support for creating Exif metadata is quite limited - I
personally use it only for JPEGs. Also exiftool's man page reads, that
it can only read or write, but not create Exif in TIFF images.

> > By the way, if I save these tiff images as another files, will gimp
> > also strip the icc profile?
> > (ps, will gimp strip the icc profile in jpeg?)
> I looked at using ICC profiles last month in an article I did for Linux
> Format magazine but I don't think I checked if the profiles were
> retained when saved.  I think I assumed (bad idea) that they were.
> You'll simply have to try it and see.  GIMP does support retaining ICC
> profiles when you open files that contain them.  You're typically
> queried when you open the file if you want to keep it over convert it to
> GIMP's built in profile.

GIMP retains the ICC profile in TIFF.

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