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> I just had GIMP 2.6.2 installed, My husband says he installed GAP as well, 
> however I can't seem to find the script-fu section to use it.

Script-fu has very little to do with GAP. Only two functions are
implemented in Script-fu.;
When I look at their source code, I see 'Duplicate continue' is in the
'Video' menu,
and 'Selection to animimage' is in the 'Script-fu/Animators' menu
(which is remapped to Filters in 2.6).

The majority of GAP's functionality is, and has always been, found in
the Video menu.
It's perfectly capable of working with GIMP 2.6 -- I have installed it
here, with no need for anything unusual.
If you can verify that you don't have a working GIMP-GAP, then you
probably have a version of GIMP-GAP that's not compiled against GIMP
2.6. In that case you are probably a Windows user, and should see

However, chances are nothing is wrong at all and your GIMP-GAP is
fully functional.


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