Davids Gowens wrote
> It's perfectly capable of working with GIMP 2.6 -- I
> have installed it

i didn't check yet on linux but i noticed several problems running GAP with 
gimp 2.6

I'm hosting the last version of GAP available for windows the 2.4, but binary 
was compiled for gimp 2.4, maybe should be recompiled again.

the most evidents problem i noticed are with "Filter all layers"
and "Frame Modify-apply filter " using the Apply variyng " option

First quite a lot of warning are then displayed about missed plugin-iter files,
then with my surprise (should be impossible if the iterator procedures were 
missed as reported from warnings)many filters works, other not as they should, 
even more strange some sometimes work, sometimes not

To puntualize i'm talking about filter included in gimp (as Gaussian blur)
and the errors i get is not that i will expect:
I will expect in case of error only the first and last frame be  correctly 
edited and not the ones in between.

Instead a random numbers of frames or layer , in random positions on the 
layerstack are correctly edited

in few cases(with gaussian blur) some frames are blurred but the others are 
screwed up by a weird kind of pixelations on the hightlight.

Other problem, less serious but disturbing is with "split imagine into 
frames"...after is displayed not the first but the last frame

we had some discussion on Gimptalk since others reported similar problems, 
i.e http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/filter-all-layers-not-working--p258098.html i 
did not report to bugzilla yet, because the windows version of gap2.4 is not a 
official build so i'm not sure is supported

I hope you may help, i may ask help to recompile GAP, but first i want be sure 
that this ,( and maybe other problems i didn't check, for my workflow  Frame 
Modify is fundamental, if that do not work, i have few reason to use the other 
gap plugins.

so i will like to know if in linux "frame modify-appy filters-variyng", "split 
imagine in frames" and the encoder work without bugs with gimp 2.6

Once i know  for sure that are problems only of the windows version,  i can 
search help to recompile gap

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