On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 5:17 AM, Alchemie fotografiche
<fotocom...@yahoo.it> wrote:
> "David Gowers" wrote
>> It's perfectly capable of working with GIMP 2.6 -- I
>> have installed it
>> here, with no need for anything unusual.
>> However, chances are nothing is wrong at all and your
>> GIMP-GAP is
>> fully functional.
> I fear not
> Actually i'm hosting the Windows installer of gap 2.4 BUT I'm not sure that 
> is fully functional with Gimp-2.6, on the contrary i found, and i had reports 
> of some serious bugs(only if used with gimp 2.6)
> I didn't report yet to bugzilla only because the Windows installer of GAP 2.4 
> is not "official" so i'm not sure is supported, but others should have
> anyway  already reported to bugzilla some problems
> Most evident bugs i found are with "Filter all layers-apply variyng" and with 
> Frame Modify_Apply filter on Frames_apply variyng"
> First a lot of warning pop out about missed iter procedures, then strange 
> things may happens...
Yes, happens for me too.

> Note that i refer here only to use of gimp build in filters that on gimp 2.4 
> were all correctly animated...and the errors are not that i will expect
> I will expect in case of errors only first and last frames be edited, or 
> none, while the filter is applied often to  random numbers of frames in
> random positions in the layerstack , and not to all frames

For me, all frames are fully blurred but I am only prompted twice for
radius values.
I don't know whether this is correct or not, since I haven't used
'apply varying' at all before.

For 'filter all layers', when I use 'dog' filter, most of my layers
become empty.

But, I have to mention -- this function never worked correctly for me
at all. It was always complaining and behaving weirdly, whether in
gimp 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6.
So I think nothing has actually changed.

> not always but sometimes the other frames are screwed up (i.e with gaussian 
> blur i had 40% frames blurred but the other instead then blurred were  
> heavily pixelated on the hightlights)
> Even more puzzling for me some filters i.e gaussian blur sometimes works as 
> should, sometimes not and that on similar groups of frames
> more detail here 
> http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/filter-all-layers-not-working--p258098.html
> Another but much less relevant problem is with split imagine into frames, 
> with gimp 2.6 to be displayed is not the first but the last frame
> May be other problems, since Apply filter on frames is essential to my 
> workflow i didn't check further
> PS my pc is a dual core, with xp fully updated and 2gb ram
> i had no problems with a much less performing notebook but with gimp 2.6
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> About solutions first i will like to be sure that Filter all layer-variyng 
> and Frame modify-apply filter-variyng work both correctly on linux, and
> same for "split imagine in frames"

Split image into frames gives me a lot of black frames with apparently
no content. I suspect this is because it doesn't bother to set the
colormap for each frame, and my source image is indexed. If I convert
to RGB
first, this doesn't happen.
It does display the last frame rather than the first.

Also, it doesn't bother to copy the icc-profile parasite, so the
resulting images are displayed with wrong colors. (this probably
doesn't effect you)

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