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> > From: "Olivier Lecarme"
> > About Image: Video -> Frames Modify, the entry Function
> > -> Apply filter
> > on layer(s) simply does not work, the list of filters does
> > not pop up.
> Maybe that happened for another reason and is not a bug:
> that GAP plugin does not work on layers of same imagine but only on "frames"
> "Frames" for GAP are a series of imagines (of one or more layers ) named with 
> a progressive number of six digits(i.e First frame may be image_000001)..all 
> frames need to be in the same folder.
> Then the Frame modify should be called from the FIRST frame
> (ie whatever_000001 ..not from whatever 00040 ) 
> then chosen filter is applied to the chosen layers of the frames (i.e to all 
> BG layers, all the top layers)

Yes of course, I had an image called IMG_0001.xcf, I duplicated the
frame 10 times, and then I called the tool. Moreover, this tool works on
layers of a multi-frame image. Clearly there is a bug in version 2.6.2
that did not occur in version 2.4.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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