> About solutions first i will like to be sure that Filter all layer-variyng 
> and Frame modify-apply filter-variyng work both correctly on linux, and
> same for "split imagine in frames"

I just tested Image: Filters -> Filter all layers (varying) on a Debian
Sid installation with GIMP 2.6.2 and the same version of GAP I used
without problem for GIMP 2.4. Indeed I get a huge lot of error messages
similat to this one:

GIMP: Calling error for procedure 'gimp-procedural-db-proc-info':
Procedure 'plug-in-gauss-iir-Iterator' not found

However, testing this with the Gaussian blur filter, I got what I
expected, i.e. an animation with a varying blur.

About Image: Video -> Frames Modify, the entry Function -> Apply filter
on layer(s) simply does not work, the list of filters does not pop up.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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