Short question:

Is it possible to make GIMP use the "default" Windows File Open/Save
dialog*, for example, by setting some secret configuration option? I
remember that there was a plug-in for this a long time ago (which
added "Windows Open" and "Windows Save As" menu options) but I cannot
find that anymore.

Long explanation (i.e. why would I want this):

The reason that I want this is because the GIMP dialogs are terribly
slow when accessing a slow (e.g. VPN) UNC network path (=
\\IP-Address\Share\directory\...). For comparison: After choosing a
directory, GIMP takes ~20-40 seconds before showing the contents (the
dialog being unresponsive during that time). On the other hand,
Thunderbird (to use another multi-platform open-source product for
comparison) pops up the default Vista file save dialog, which shows
the directory contents almost instantly.

I'm not sure if this is a GIMP bug or not; it's quite possible that
Microsoft is doing some behind-the-scenes magic here (caching,
undocumented functions, whatever) that causes it to be a whole lot
faster than any other "custom-made" file chooser implementation. I'm
using a workaround currently (putting the network directory in
"offline mode" before using GIMP, which causes the UNC share to be
redirected to a local cache directory; and synchronizing afterwards),
but I really wish I wouldn't have to.

Greetings, TIA,

* e.g. by using the GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName API functions

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