On Sun, 2009-01-04 at 01:24 +0100, Heinrich Moser wrote:

> I don't think I will further investigate this, since I don't see much
> point in this, to be honest. Yes, we could find out what's taking
> GIMP's file open dialog so long and make it be as "fast" as other GTK
> applications. But I really think the time is better spent solving the
> problem permanently (like implementing the above mentioned plug-in)
> rather than fine-tuning something that can never be as fast as the
> native OS implementation.

The above mentioned plug-in will always only be a kludge as it can't
provide all the features that an internal file dialog offers. So the
focus should be on fixing the GtkFileChooser. There is absolutely no
reason why it can't be as fast as the native OS implementation. After
all it is using native OS-specific code.


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