Kate T. Yoak wrote:
>> The reason you are having a problem is because you are using a very 
>> old version of GIMP. GIMP 2.2 is no longer supported. The file load 
>> operations you
>> are asking were added in the 2.4 version of GIMP.
> Sigh.  CentOS rpm is 2.2.  Never even occurred to me to check!
> Kind of like never occurred to me (until everything broke) that `cpan 
> install Gimp` gets you a version, which was superceded in 2004! Has 
> anyone noticed the Gimp disaster on CPAN I am referring to?
> Oh well. The main thing is: Gimp exists and it's so nice, the pain is 
> worth it!
Bigger sigh.  :-) Upgrading to 2.4 on CentOS is a feat. A lot of 
non-supported rpms to track down.  Too scary.  :-)  No loading layers 
for me!  They say, CentOS 6 is expected to come with gimp 2.4.  There is 
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