Thank you. I am not trying to complete any minor task. I am trying to learn

Now, sample tutorials. I am not saying they are not good tutorials, and I
actually appreciate their effort very much. Only that it helps if they say
to what version it was targeting and when it was written.

For example, this one:

At step 3, I got lost, because "Create Path from Text" isn't available to

Another one here:

I got lost at the 2nd step, because pressing the right mouse button on the
image does not give me the so-called "Dialogs [image: ->] Layers&Channels"
menu options.

Also, the tiny little button the author mentions under Add Some Color
section does'nt seem to be available to me for my version.

One more at:

I got lost at Step 6, because "Alpha to Selection" is grayed out and thus I
cannot select it.

See how frustrating it is?

Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe I am having bad luck in picking up
tutorials that are targeting at a different version of Gimp.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 11:15 PM, Ajay Gautam <> wrote:

> Gimp could be a little difficult in the beginning. Takes time and
> patience - stick with it.
> Why not use MS Paint for simple tasks such as these?
> Aj
> On 2/9/09, Don <> wrote:
> > Very new to GIMP.
> >
> > I am so frustrated to learn GIMP.
> >
> > Tonight, I simply want to create a text and then outline it as a text.
> Then
> > I googled.  But the thing is, I cannot follow any of the tutorials I dug
> > out.  Not because I didn't follow closely, but because not all of the
> menu
> > items the tutorials talk about are available to me (and what can I do
> then?)
> > and most of the tutorials don't tell us when it was written and what
> version
> > of Gimp it was targeting.
> >
> > So frustrating.
> >
> > BTW, I am using Gimp 2.6.2 on Windows XP Professional SP2.
> >
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