Thank you very much. I'll definitely try it out tomorrow.

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 11:49 PM, Michael J. Hammel <> wrote:

> On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 23:00 -0500, Don wrote:
> > Tonight, I simply want to create a text and then outline it as a text.
> > Then I googled.  But the thing is, I cannot follow any of the
> > tutorials I dug out.  Not because I didn't follow closely, but because
> > not all of the menu items the tutorials talk about are available to
> > me
> There shouldn't be much in the way of menu issues for this task.  If you
> need to outline text, try this:
> 1. Open a new window (File->New, any size should be fine to experiment
> on).
> 2. Choose the Text tool from the Toolbox.
> 3. Click in the canvas window (also referred to as an image window).
> This will open the Text Editor dialog window.
> 4. Type some text in the Text Editor, then click on the Close button.
> The text will be visible in the canvas window and has been added as a
> new layer in the Layers dialog.
> 5. Choose Layer->Transparency->Alpha to Selection.  This will create a
> selection around your text.
> 6. Choose Layer->New to create a new layer (you want to outline the text
> in a new layer so it doesn't modify the original text).  The new layer
> should be transparent, which should be the default setting in the New
> Layer dialog that pops up.
> 6. Choose Edit->Stroke Selection.  This will open a dialog window where
> you can select the way you will stroke (re: outline) the text.  The
> first time you can just choose the defaults and click on Stroke.  Later
> you can experiment with different settings to change the way the outline
> is drawn.
> 7.  In the Layers dialog turn off the visibility of the text layer.  Do
> that by clicking on the eyeball to the left of the layer name and
> preview image.
> Now you can see the outlined text.  Things that you'll want to adjust in
> your next attempt:
> 1. the location of the text before you outline it.  You may want to use
> the move tool to place the text properly in the center of the canvas
> window.
> 2. The font, size, color, etc. of the text.  This is handled in the Tool
> Options dialog before you click on the canvas but after you've selected
> the Text tool from the Toolbox.
> 3. The style of the stroke in the Stroke Selection dialog.
> 4. The foreground color from the Toolbox.  The foreground color will be
> used for the color of the outline when you stroke the selection.
> This may sound like a lot of work but it's really pretty easy once you
> try it a few times.
> Hope that helps.
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