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> Thank you. I am not trying to complete any minor task. I am trying to
> learn Gimp.
> Now, sample tutorials. I am not saying they are not good tutorials,
> and I actually appreciate their effort very much. Only that it helps
> if they say to what version it was targeting and when it was written.
> For example, this one:
> http://gimpology.com/submission/view/how_to_outline_text/
> At step 3, I got lost, because "Create Path from Text" isn't
> available to me.

Make sure your text layer is selected
Where it says File, Edit etc, look for Layer
Then you will see 'Text to path'

> Another one here:
> http://www.obscurasite.com/artstuff/tutorials/gimp-text-outline/
> I got lost at the 2nd step, because pressing the right mouse button
> on the image does not give me the so-called "Dialogs [image: ->]
> Layers&Channels" menu options.

Old tutorial, Go to Windows, 'Dockable Dialogs'

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