rlt46...@aol.com wrote:
> >>>  For the moment  I use the following work-around: I have the help 
> files
> (which are in html) installed at a known point on my system, and I have
> my web browser set to open them as a file on the local machine. When I
> run into an issue which necessitates my consulting the helpd files, I
> open the help files in my browser.        ns  <<<
> Hello Noel,
> I know I can access the manual on line, but would rather not (see my 
> previous post to Doug).  I don't understand the workaround you 
> describe...  I really do not know that much, technically, about 
> computers.  But if you have them installed on your "local system" 
> (hard drive?) why would you need to access them on line?  Or maybe the 
> question is... if you access the manual on line via your browser, why 
> go to the trouble of installing them anywhere else?  Sorry for the 
> questions... but I really don't want to remain computer ignorant forever.
> Rebecca
Someone else will have to give you specific instructions for Windows XL, 
but in general terms you read the Help document with your internet 
browser  - you just  set it to look at a file instead of at a website.

With Firefox, for instance, click on File , then Open File, then follow 
it to where you've installed Help.
For Internet Explorer the procedure will be very similar. In XL you can 
probably drag the Help files onto the desktop  for it to leave an icon 
on the desktop as a shortcut.

I expect someone will correct these steps for you.
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