> I know I can access the manual on line, but would rather not (see my 
> previous post to Doug).  I don't understand the workaround you 
> describe...  I really do not know that much, technically, about 
> computers.  But if you have them installed on your "local system" 
> (hard drive?) why would you need to access them on line?
I have the help files installed on my local machine, and since they are 
html format, and I use my web browser to view them as local files.  You 
don't say what browser you use, but if (as I suspect) you are using 
Windows XP, you have Internet Explorer built in. So what I recommend 
that you navigate to the folder in which the Gimp Help files are located 
(on my machine, the path in which they are installed is 
C:\Gimp-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\help\en\ ) and double-click on the file 
"index.html" at which point the help file should open in your browser.  
You can then set a bookmark in your browser, or create a shortcut to the 
index.html file in the help folder.

I know dial up is a pain, especially with files as large as the GIMP 
Windows installer, and the GIMP help files. You might check with your 
local library, or the library at school; they may have a higher speed 
connection so that you can use a thumb drive and download upgrades when 
you need them.

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