> Von: Doug <doug_bainbri...@onetel.com>

> P.S. Of course, this way the Help tab on Gimp won't work, but at least 
> you'll be able to read the Help Manual whenever you need it

I wrote about it on a german forum yesterday, so let's summarize this again:

We have two versions of the help files, local/online.
We have two different browsers, web/gimp

This results in four cases (if assuming that help is installed locally), and I 
did try each of them:

- web/local: works
- web/online: does not work, local version is used :)
- gimp/local: works
- gimp/online: works

This is on Debian Sid and Windows XP, the latter does have a help browser 
plug-in yet, so I skipped the last two tests here.

In order to check why the local help might now be found, it could be useful to 
use tools that do show what files are accessed (e.g. on Windows XP: Filemon).

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