Andrew wrote:
> Doug wrote:
>> Ken Warner wrote:
>>> I also would like to download the GIMP documentation and run it 
>>> locally.
>>> But I can't find a help manual download.  I only can find a tar.bz2 
>>> tarball
>>> and I don't think I have a program to open that...
>>> Where is a downloadable GIMP help file with all the HTML pages in it
>>> so I can run the help locally from GIMP?
>> Ken,
>> tar.bz2 is a linux compressed file, so it won't be any use to you if 
>> you're running Windows.
>> On linux, first move the downloaded <name-of-file>.tar.bz2 file to a 
>> folder where it will be convenient to keep the Help manual.
>> Then in a terminal window, type
>> tar  xzvjf  <name-of-file>.tar.bz2
> Shouldn't that be:
> tar xvjf <name-of-file>.tar.bz2
> ??
> Andrew
Humble apologies :-[ 
I noticed that as soon as I sent off the post; z and j are *alternative* 
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