On Friday 20 March 2009, Agnes Goh wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently I have been encountering a problem which does not exist before.
> Whenever I tried to the scale image, and tried to copy & paste, the program
> will auto shut down. An error message - A problem caused the program to
> stop working correctly was shown. I would appreciate if you can advise
> urgently as I got a project deadline to meet. Thank you. 
> Regards
> Agnes

Hello Agnes,

which version of GIMP?  The latest stable is 2.6.6.  And which operating 
system?  Where/How did you get GIMP?

Without these basic informations, there's not much anyone can do to help you.  
You might also want to check on the bug tracker at bugzilla.gimp.org if other 
people have experienced the same problem.


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