>Mike E. wrote:
>> I wanted to uninstall 2.6.6 and return to 2.6.5 but that version appears
not to
>> be available any more.
>Are you sure? when I used my favorite search engine with the file name 
>of the window's installer [ "gimp-2.6.5-i686-setup.exe" ] for GIMP 2.6.5 
>as the search parameter, I found multiple sources from which the Windows 
>installer for GIMP 2.6.5 can be downloaded. In addition, the source code 
>for all GIMP versions is available through the GIMP website.
>But you might also take a page from my "playbook": I save nearly every 
>software upgrade I download. A habit, I suppose, going back to my first 
>days of internet use, when I had slow dial-up service, informed by the 
>fact that my first download to about three hours, and it took me 
>multiple attempts to download the complete file. Somehow, after 
>downloading, I botched the file, and trashed the downloaded installer 
>after saving it; when I needed (for reasons I can't recall at this 
>point) to re-install, I had to download again. Last time that happened.

Thanks for your tips here. I've followed a link that was posted in this forum
and found 2.6.5. I've uninstalled 2.6.6 and installed 2.6.5 and all seems to
be well. Gimp heaven. -- 
Mike E.
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