On 04/08/2009 05:57 AM, David Gowers wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 1:32 PM, Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> wrote:
>> Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.
>> If I have a newly created "untitled" image and I Close it, I naturally,
>> and correctly, get a dialog asking me if I wish to save it or not save it.
>> In that dialog, pneumonic letters are underlined, meaning that I
>> _should_ simply be able to type that letter and the action will be taken
>> -- at least that is the way it would work on Windows (but I don't have
>> Gimp on Windows).
>> I _can_ access those pneumonics if I do an ALT first, as one would
>> normally do when using pneumonics to get to menus.  However, I think I
>> should be able to simply type the single pneumonic/letter that is
>> underlined.
> I have to say that I don't recall ever encountering such a behaviour on 
> Windows.
> I've always had to use ALT both on Windows and Linux, that I recall.
>> a) Is this behavior (that I can't just type the letter, I have to also
>> hit the ALT key) correct for this type of dialog box?
> See below.
> Also, I think a decision was made against this kind of behaviour as it
> can make it quite easy to accidentally choose one of these options (if
> eg. you think you're typing in IRC but actually your gimp 'Close
> images' dialog is focused). I remember tripping over this in old DOS
> programs.
>> b) Is this the way Gimp acts in Windows?
> Yes, as far as I know.
>> c) Is this "problem" an Ubuntu / KDE standard way of doing things (or a
>> known problem)?
> GTK+ standard way of doing things, AFAIK.
> David

Thanks David,

But... I am not sure we are speaking of the same behavior / application.

I _am_ speaking of the pneumonics in dialogs that open as the result of
some action.

I am _not_ speaking of accessing the main menus of programs (for which
you _do_ need to use the ALT key).

Every Windows program I have ever used, from Win311 to Win95* to Win98*
to WinME* to W2Kpro* to WinXPpro* [The * o/s are currently installed and
available to me in virtualized form for testing and verification] did as
I expect.... they DO accept the use of single letter pneumonics in those
types of dialogs.  The same has been true for RedHat Linux and SCO
Unixware that I have used.

I have only a few months of using Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux / KDE , it
also seems to be true there and in the program I am using right now,
Thunderbird Mail, it is true.  This is on the very same system on which
I am using Gimp.

(If I try to close the message I am currently writing without first
saving it, it will present a dialog and allow me to use single character
pnuemonics without having to use the ALT key -- except that of the three
choices, only two of them have pneumonics; a bug I need to report.)

What does your Gimp do and what are you running it on?

1) Create a new image (by any means you wish).  Edit the image in some
way so it is different than the initial default empty created image.

2) Attempt to close the image.

3) On my system you will see a dialog box with the choices of:

     doN't save

   The capital letter I have used above is actually the underlined
   letter in the dialog.

4) On my system, I believe I should be able to simply type that
capitalized letter to select and execute one of those three choices.


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