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On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 11:37 PM, Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> wrote:
> But... I am not sure we are speaking of the same behavior / application.
> I _am_ speaking of the pneumonics in dialogs that open as the result of
> some action.
Your pneumonics amuse me. They are mnemonics.

> I am _not_ speaking of accessing the main menus of programs (for which
> you _do_ need to use the ALT key).

I know. You were quite clear before, and I was not at all confused
about what you meant.

> Every Windows program I have ever used, from Win311 to Win95* to Win98*
> to WinME* to W2Kpro* to WinXPpro* [The * o/s are currently installed and
> available to me in virtualized form for testing and verification] did as
> I expect.... they DO accept the use of single letter pneumonics in those
> types of dialogs.  The same has been true for RedHat Linux and SCO
> Unixware that I have used.
> I have only a few months of using Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux / KDE , it
> also seems to be true there and in the program I am using right now,
> Thunderbird Mail, it is true.  This is on the very same system on which
> I am using Gimp.

Well, perhaps this is a configurable aspect to GTK ( I don't remember
very much about RHL but I'd guess some of the apps would be GTK+

If so, I'd be interested to try this behaviour.

(the other option -- more likely to my mind -- is that the RHL guys
patched the GUI libraries to change this behaviour)

> (If I try to close the message I am currently writing without first
> saving it, it will present a dialog and allow me to use single character
> pnuemonics without having to use the ALT key -- except that of the three
> choices, only two of them have pneumonics; a bug I need to report.)
> What does your Gimp do and what are you running it on?

I'm using Ubuntu 8.04 myself (no desktop environment -- ie. not Gnome
or KDE or even XFCE, just the window manager 'awesome')
What my GIMP does has already been addressed in a previous mail.
In case there was any lack of clarity, ALT+<letter> is the only way I
can activate mnemonics. This is true for almost all apps I've tried,
not just GTK+ apps.
The exceptions are applications like Grafx2, which completely
implement their own GUI system.

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