Latest gimp-2.6 from fedora installed, and once again I am attempting to crop 
an image and cannot.  Why is it so difficult to select a rectangular area of 
the image, like the whole top 1/3 or the whole bottom 1/3, and just plain crop 
it just as if I'd taken the paper cutters to the print.  But while I can make 
the 'canvas' white, I cannot actually cut that part of the canvas and toss it 
in /dev/null, which should be indicated by the checkerboard pattern replacing 

Really guys, I fail to see why such an operation requires I post to the list 
each and every time I want to do it.  So how DO it go about getting rid of, 
totally and forever if I haven't saved a backup copy, those parts of an image 
that should never ever see the light of day, or worse yet, waste bandwidth 
when it has to be uploaded at a hair over 50k/sec on my adsl circuit.  Just 
turning it white doesn't cut it, I want it gone.

This, most simple of a photo manipulation has been hidden behind portable menu 
mumbo jumbo for a decade now, is it not possible to fix it for almost main 
menu access, just by drawing a box around what you want, invert the selection 
and anything outside the box is gone forever, or at least till its undone.

Thanks guys, but please fix this most simple of photo editing function there 

You can see my problem at 

Just as soon as I reboot to a kernel with working networking that is.

Cheers, Gene
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