On Sunday 03 May 2009, David Gowers wrote:
>On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Gene Heskett <gene.hesk...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Greetings;
>> This, most simple of a photo manipulation has been hidden behind portable
>> menu mumbo jumbo for a decade now, is it not possible to fix it for almost
>> main menu access, just by drawing a box around what you want, invert the
>> selection and anything outside the box is gone forever,
>I do this all the time, I just make my selection with rectangle select
>and then use Image->Crop to selection.

And I believe I tried that at one point in my 10,000 monkeys experimentation, 
and was left with a blank view, hello undo...

>It's possible to do it even quicker with the dedicated Crop tool.
>or at least till its undone.
>> Thanks guys, but please fix this most simple of photo editing function
>> there is.
>> You can see my problem at
>> <http://gene.homelinux.net:85/gene/emc/probe-asmbled-1.jpg>

which is now fixed, thanks to a previous poster.

>I can see your problem is that you are behaving in an arrogant and
>demanding fashion.

Because it has been a constant source of confusion to this old fart (I'm now 
74) since my first contact with gimp in about 1999 or so.  Every other 
selection that I tried, wiped the part I wanted to save, often via the leaky 
lasso theory.  One gets tired of reaching for the edit undo function.

FWIW, if I was in the darkroom making my own prints, a process that even in 
color, I am familiar enough with that I made my own color paper developer.  
Far more stable colorwise than what I could buy at the photo stores 30 years 
ago when I was doing it several times a week.  I would do this crop by running 
my Bessler 23c/w/dichro head on up the rack and adjusting the easel to get 
exactly what I want, so automatically I wasn't even concious of doing it.  
That is why I find it so difficult to make gimp do it.

>This also leads me to doubt whether you have done a reasonable amount
>of research on this problem, especially as the first hit for Google
>search "GIMP crop image to selection" includes instructions for
>cropping using the Crop tool.

I didn't.  Why should google have better instructions on running the gimp than 
its own help has?

>In case it wasn't clear to you..
>'Erasing part of the image'
>does not in any way equate to 'reducing the area of the image'.

Ok, what does the autocrop and zealous crop function actually do then?  They 
do not obviously do this.  The erase functions should be labeled as erase, not 
crop, or some $5 equ prefixed *crop.  To this old darkroom techy, 'crop' means 
what you don't want never makes it to the print paper in the first place even 
if you have to block it with the easels blades and trim the paper to some odd 
size once its dry again.

I have even saved it and reloaded it to a new window, and of course all this 
blank space is still part of the image it loads.

So please don't call an 'erase' function a 'crop', its scattered all through 
the menus miss-labeled as a crop.  It is not.  It just adds fuel to the fire 
of frustration.

Now, please take this as constructive, I don't intend to get into a big 
argument about nomenclature.  But to me, the word crop is often miss-used in 
the menu's.

Thanks David.

Cheers, Gene
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