On Sunday 03 May 2009, Alec Burgess wrote:
>Owen (rc...@pcug.org.au) wrote (in part)  (on 2009-05-03 at 23:13):
>>  On Sun, 03 May 2009 22:44:23 -0400
>>  Gene Heskett <gene.hesk...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>  > > Greetings;
>>  > >
>>  > > Latest gimp-2.6 from fedora installed, and once again I am
>>  attempting
>>  > > to crop an image and cannot.  Why is it so difficult to select a
>>  > > rectangular area of the image, like the whole top 1/3 or the whole
>>  > > bottom 1/3, and just plain crop it just as if I'd taken the paper
>>  > > cutters to the print.  But while I can make the 'canvas' white, I
>>  > > cannot actually cut that part of the canvas and toss it in
>>  /dev/null,
>>  > > which should be indicated by the checkerboard pattern replacing
>>  it.
>To get "checkerboard pattern replacing " make sure the background layer
>"has alpha channel" (right-click on layers menu and select [Add alpha
>channel]. If a layer has NO alpha channel its name will appear in bold
>in the layer menu and cutting or cropping will show the background color.
>To "just plain crop it just as if I'd taken the paper cutters to the
>print" ... maybe you want Image-[Fit image to canvas]?

ISTR I tried that in some previous incarnation of gimp, but because it was 
just erased, the 'canvas' was still wasted.  I did try to fiddle with canvas 
size this time, but that adjusted the whole image without changing the ratio 
of image vs canvas, so that was just another edit->undo to me. :)


Cheers, Gene
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