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> On Sunday 03 May 2009, David Gowers wrote:
>>On Mon, May 4, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Gene Heskett <gene.hesk...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Greetings;
>>> This, most simple of a photo manipulation has been hidden behind portable
>>> menu mumbo jumbo for a decade now, is it not possible to fix it for almost
>>> main menu access, just by drawing a box around what you want, invert the
>>> selection and anything outside the box is gone forever,
>>I do this all the time, I just make my selection with rectangle select
>>and then use Image->Crop to selection.
> And I believe I tried that at one point in my 10,000 monkeys experimentation,
> and was left with a blank view, hello undo...
That means that you selected a very small area, I guess.
OTOH It's possible that you are actually encountering a bug. However,
given the amount of people, with no special knowledge of GIMP, who
manage to perform this task regularly with little trouble, I believe
the problem is with your understanding and/or attitude.

> my Bessler 23c/w/dichro head on up the rack and adjusting the easel to get
> exactly what I want, so automatically I wasn't even concious of doing it.
> That is why I find it so difficult to make gimp do it.

AFAIK the Crop tool works virtually identical to the kind of apparatus
you were using. Perhaps you enabled some option that makes it behave
in some way other than you expect (the 'current layer only' option (I
think -- I don't run GIMP in English) might qualify)

>>This also leads me to doubt whether you have done a reasonable amount
>>of research on this problem, especially as the first hit for Google
>>search "GIMP crop image to selection" includes instructions for
>>cropping using the Crop tool.
> I didn't.  Why should google have better instructions on running the gimp than
> its own help has?

Because as olivier says, you do not know what questions to ask. GIMP's
help is perfectly adequate, but clearly you were not able to help
yourself using it.
Otherwise you would have found and used this:


>>In case it wasn't clear to you..
>>'Erasing part of the image'
>>does not in any way equate to 'reducing the area of the image'.
> Ok, what does the autocrop and zealous crop function actually do then?  They
> do not obviously do this.  The erase functions should be labeled as erase, not
> crop, or some $5 equ prefixed *crop.  To this old darkroom techy, 'crop' means
The erase functions are named erase. The crop functions are named crop.

Autocrop crops the image automatically by detecting blank space
surrounding the image content.
Zealous crop does the same sort of thing, except for each individual
object in the image (one of the effects of this is that the spaces
between images are reduced. This is often handy for webpage authors.)
'Image->Crop to selection' crops all layers (and the image canvas) to
the selected area.
'Layer->Crop to selection' crops just the active layer to the selected area.
Crop tool reduces the area of the image (or just the active layer,
depending on what option is selected) to the size you choose.

The eraser (and Edit->Cut, Edit->Clear etc) removes content -- it
doesn't change the size of the 'paper',
just like the real world.

> So please don't call an 'erase' function a 'crop', its scattered all through
> the menus miss-labeled as a crop.  It is not.  It just adds fuel to the fire
> of frustration.

In what way does the above not match the meaning of crop?

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