Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.
on K Desktop Environment 3.5.10

I would like to check with others whether or not these issues are unique
to me, my installation, or my desktop environment....

If they are bugs, I will report them or others are welcome to do so (but
please tell me if you do).

1) Missing mnemonics on menus.  For example, under FILE, "Create" has no
labeled mnemonic.

2) Duplicated mnemonics on menus.  For example, under EDIT, the letter
"p" is used ***THREE*** times, making it useless in a production
environment.  As long as the same image is open, doing "ALT e p" cycles
through the the three occurrences of the "p" mnemonic.  If it is the
first time with the image, then it always goes to the first occurrence.
Very obnoxious!

3) Misdirected mnemonics.  (This one may be a lack of understanding of
menu mnemonics on my part.)  "ALT e p" [!!! may have to hit "p" multiple
times to arrive at the correct desired location of PASTE AS] to get to
PASTE AS.  This exposes the fly-out/sub-menu.  The sub-menu includes NEW
IMAGE with a mnemonic of "n".  However, typing an "n" at this moment
does not utilize the fly-out menu, it goes to UNITS on the main EDIT
menu.  What is the point of having a mnemonic on the flyout/sub-menu if
you can't access them without using the arrow keys to get into the
flyout/sub-menu by which time you are focused on the desired item anyway
and can just hit return.

4) Non-functioning keystrokes / keyboard shortcut listed on the menus.
Specifically for me at the moment, "CTRL SHIFT V" is supposed to create
a new file from the clipboard contents.  This set of keystrokes is
stated in TWO places:


   Both should accomplish the same thing, but on my system, it does
nothing at all.

   This is really annoying because tomorrow I have to have a staff
member use this functionality 297 times.  Argh!

   (Yes, I know that as long as we use keystrokes to get to the menu, we
can "walk" though it using the arrow keys.  It is just annoying.)

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