I'm using Fedora 10; GIMP 2.6.6.

Jay Smith wrote:
> Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.
> on K Desktop Environment 3.5.10
> I would like to check with others whether or not these issues are unique
> to me, my installation, or my desktop environment....
> If they are bugs, I will report them or others are welcome to do so (but
> please tell me if you do).
> 1) Missing mnemonics on menus.  For example, under FILE, "Create" has no
> labeled mnemonic.
I don't understand this problem.
> 2) Duplicated mnemonics on menus.  For example, under EDIT, the letter
> "p" is used ***THREE*** times, making it useless in a production
> environment.  As long as the same image is open, doing "ALT e p" cycles
> through the the three occurrences of the "p" mnemonic.  If it is the
> first time with the image, then it always goes to the first occurrence.
> Very obnoxious!
In my system, ALT E followed by a letter seems to select an entry whose 
first character is that letter:
Paste, Paste as, and Preferences.

This may not be the best way to choose an action, so I guess it's 
useless. But what are you trying to accomplish with ALT e p
> 3) Misdirected mnemonics.  (This one may be a lack of understanding of
> menu mnemonics on my part.)  "ALT e p" [!!! may have to hit "p" multiple
> times to arrive at the correct desired location of PASTE AS] to get to
> PASTE AS.  This exposes the fly-out/sub-menu.  The sub-menu includes NEW
> IMAGE with a mnemonic of "n".  However, typing an "n" at this moment
> does not utilize the fly-out menu, it goes to UNITS on the main EDIT
> menu.  What is the point of having a mnemonic on the flyout/sub-menu if
> you can't access them without using the arrow keys to get into the
> flyout/sub-menu by which time you are focused on the desired item anyway
> and can just hit return.
When I execute
 > select
 > copy
I get a new image with the selection that was on the clipboard.
There seems to be no need to index through the various submenus to get 
there. The keyboard mnemonic is unique.
> 4) Non-functioning keystrokes / keyboard shortcut listed on the menus.
> Specifically for me at the moment, "CTRL SHIFT V" is supposed to create
> a new file from the clipboard contents.  This set of keystrokes is
> stated in TWO places:
> and
>    Both should accomplish the same thing, but on my system, it does
> nothing at all.
In my installation, SHIFT+CTRL+V creates a new image with the clipboard 
contents, as expected.
Not sure how you are getting there from the discussion above.
>    This is really annoying because tomorrow I have to have a staff
> member use this functionality 297 times.  Argh!
>    (Yes, I know that as long as we use keystrokes to get to the menu, we
> can "walk" though it using the arrow keys.  It is just annoying.)
> Jay
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