On 08/05/2009 11:54 AM, Doug wrote:
> Look in /usr/lib/pkconfig and /usr/local/lib/pkconfig and check where
> various glib- and gtk-related .pc files are located.
> You may well need both pkconfig folders.
> Then
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkconfig:/usr/lib/pkconfig; export
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH; ./configure
> You should be able to compile but you may not be able to run, because
> the program can't find this or that library which you know you have -
> you get a message saying "couldn't find library lib......so....."
> Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH may avoid that happening, but quite often it
> doesn't.

Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH is only necessary at configure time. After that 
it is not necessary since libtool sets the necessary rpaths of the 
binaries it builds, at least for the babl/GLib/GTK+/GEGL/GIMP stack.

And why use a prefix that requires root write privileges?

Instead of manually setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, let 
configure do that. Just put this in /home/user/dev/share/config.site:

   export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/home/user/dev/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH"
   export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/user/dev/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

and invoke ./autogen.sh or configure with --prefix=/home/user/dev. By 
having config.site there is no need to keep PKG_CONFIG_PATH and 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH globally, and automatic reconfiguration when making 
after e.g. configure.in/ac changes works without issues.

  / Martin


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