I have never really worked much with levels (in Gimp or anywhere else such as
PS) because I've really never gotten the hang of it.  So, I was starting
through the 'meet the gimp' tutorials (from session 001!!) and realized that
part of my problem is that I need to change the mode in order to see the
effects of any changes I make to a level (am I correct in that?).

So, one of my most often used tools is the COLORS --> LEVELS tool where I can
make quick adjustments to rid my RAW --> TIFF conversions of the general haze
they seem to have out of my camera.Generally, pulling in the little carrots a
bit from each edge does this for me.  I generally always check the AUTO
results, but also generally find that adjustment to radical for my liking.  

In any event, I'm thinking that a more proper way to do this would be to
create a 'levels' layer and make the adjustment on that layer.  After watching
the tutorial, I thought I had it down, but, adding a layer, then trying to
adjust levels on the layer still seems to have no effect.  What is it that I'm
doing wrong?  I tried copying the background layer, tried adding a white
layer, ran through all the modes on the copy of the background layer, but I
still seem lost.

Any advice would be appreciated.  If you can direct me to a discussion of
this topic (or another tutorial) that would be great, too.

Thanks in advance.


Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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