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> The .xcf file archives my progressive work on the photo so that I can go back
> and refine my work/revise my edit decisions, etc.  The TIFF gives me a full
> resolution "final" product.  The RAW file archives the original image as it
> came out of the camera.
> This business with the layers is new to me as of today.  I'd never worked
> with layers in this manner.  In fact, I had never worked with layers much at
> all until today.
> So, my question:  Does the above make sense with regard to layers, or is
> there a better way to work with layers within a photo than what I describe? 
> Nothing seemed to work for me before because I couldn't get much to show in
> terms of adjustments in layers added beyond that initial duplication of the
> background layer.

The short answer is yes, this is how I would do things. The only
difference is that when I am satisfied with a stage I would merge the
layers otherwise the file becomes very large. Also, from time to time I
would save my work and keep watching 'meetthegimp'


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