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Anthony DiSante <the...@nodivisions.com> wrote:

> As you can see, there are obvious striations there, rather than a
> smooth gradient.

Hi, Anthony.

I believe the problem is that you are making a gray gradient (which means
that all three colors are changing equally). This means that you have
only 256 levels available to render the gradient.

Then you are trying to produce a gradient from value 84 to 129, which are
only 55 steps, over a distance of couple of 100 pixels - this causes the

I may be wrong here - I haven't used it yet - but I believe GEGL provides
you with a lot more precision in the colors. You may not be able to see
it on the screen, as your monitor probably has the same 256 level limit,
and you'll have to use a special output format for the same reason (eg.
16 bit PNG).

This kind of problem frequently appears in the sky part of images, the
the blue gradient can present a real challenge.

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