Am Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010 17:51:02 schrieb Nuno Miguel dos Santos Baeta:
>   ** Is has no color management (I don't know what this is);

Unless you use a very outdated version of Gimp, this is not true.

>   ** Just 8 bit/channel;
>   ** No CMYK.

This is still true, but should be fixed within the next releases.

You might have read something about GEGL already on the list - this is the 
underlying library that is being developed for this purpose.

That said, unless you have an extremely expensive printer (i.e. one that also 
is capable of color management and handling wide color channels - which most 
color printers you get to buy at the normal hardware stores don't), 8-bit 
channel width is enough to manipulate photographic images in most cases.

Also, no serious photographer will just abandon analog photography and go 
totally digital. Any fine grained film will yield much better resolutions than 
what the most expensive digital cameras are capable of. (Try applying a 
digital photography to the outside wall of a building, and you'll see what I 
mean - it is no problem with an analog image... and again, analog films can be 
digitized with a good film scanner to a much higher resolution as what you get 
from a digital camera).


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