Frank Gore píše v Pá 15. 01. 2010 v 17:12 -0500:
> But this begs the question, what does Gimp use to determine the
> embedded color profile? The EXIF data, or something else? Because even
> if I change that tag from "Uncalibrated" to "Adobe RGB", it still
> doesn't change how Gimp treats it.
Again, you are mixing two different things:

embedded profile means that there is an actual binary data inside of
JPEG. This can be extracted to a profile.icc if needed.

Color Space tag (either standard exif or some proprietary maker note)
just says that the image data is in some standard colour space (sRGB,
AdobeRGB), but the profile itself is not embedded and the program must
supply it on its own.

Use of tags instead of embedding profile is an advantage: the image file
is a bit smaller.

I would assume that GIMP does not care about tags, just looks for any
embedded profile. But the developers would have to confirm it.


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