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> I'm sure you folks are all experts at GIMP but I've found it to be a 
> very hard to learn how to use.  But how many hundreds of hours did it 
> take you to learn how to use it?

GIMP is a very powerful and complex tool, and thus you cannot master it
in a few minutes. But its learning curve is such that you should be able
to do interesting things in a few hours.

> For example- the "tutorials" are mostly out of date and they usually 
> tell you to click something that isn't even present in the latest 
> version.  What a PAIN.

Since GIMP is continuously improved, it is impossible to maintain all
parts of the interface in the same place, used in the same way. And
people who made tutorials years ago may be occupied elsewhere now.

> There has to be an easier way....they has to be.

The easiest way is to buy and use a recent book. Depending on what are
your main usage of GIMP and your budget, you have some choice, and new
books are in preparation. Give a look at the first five entries on


                        Olivier Lecarme
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