On 1/22/10, BGP wrote:

>> Learning is something you never stop to do. If you stopped learning,
>> you are dead and the coffin with your body is about to be put six feet
>> underground.
> Never heard that one before.

Now you have :)

>>> For example- the "tutorials" are mostly out of date
>> Did you read *all* tutorials on GIMP? Really? I'm sorry, but I don't
>> believe you.
> I never said "all"- you did.

You were asked several times what tutorials out of hundreds that exist
you refer to, and you never replied. So when you say that tutorials
are mostly out of date, there is no way you can be sure of that unless
you've read *all* the tutorials. Basic logic.

> If you have an excellent tutorial for ver. 2.6.8 then please refer me to it.

What kind of tutorial? Drawing? Painting? Color correction?
Retouching? FX? Please understand that by refusing to provide details
you don't help us to help you.

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