On 1/22/10, Jay Smith wrote:

> While the responses to the original poster are surely technically
> correct, the original poster _does_ have a legitimate point.
> It might actually be easier for a person to learn Gimp if they have
> never used another image editing program.
> However, for people who grew up on Photoshop, it is a particular
> challenge to learn Gimp because one must learn substantially new
> techniques, methods, terminology, concepts, and workflows.
> And the OP is correct that there is some out-of-date documentation being
> presented as if it were current.  This is especially a problem because
> many aspects of the UI have changed in the last couple years.  And this
> problem is only going to be much _worse_ when the single-window
> possibility is available -- the docs will really be behind.
> The first step in increasing broad acceptance, support, and development
> of Gimp is to _accept_ its shortcomings and to honestly recognize the
> challenges that new users face.


It has been said by GIMP developers in public several times that
tutorials at gimp.org are out of date and need reworking. There is no
problem accepting the fact, see? There is a problem of people not
having spare time to work on that. It's really *that* simple. There's
no conspiracy.

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