On 03/24/2010 06:18 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 03/24/2010 11:03 PM, Lennart Svensson wrote:
>> Sven Neumann wrote, On 2010-03-23 21:38:
>>> On Tue, 2010-03-23 at 14:19 +0100, Lennart Svensson wrote:
>>>> When you start gimp from the promptline you got the Application Options:
>>>> -a, --as-new                        Open images as new
>>>> Why is this not available (as a button) when you open a file inside gimp ?
>>> It is considered useful for applications that want to send images to
>>> GIMP by means of opening them from a temporary location. We haven't seen
>>> any potential use for it in the user interface so far.
>>> Sven
>> This button should inhibit the possibility to save the file during editing 
>> and
>> destroy the original file. Same as the command line option -a.
> There are plenty of other strategies you can use
> * Only open copies of files
> * Version control your files
> * When you discover you overwrote a file, if possible, undo to the 
> initial state of the image and resave
> Having a button as you propose is not an elegant solution to the problem 
> you are trying to solve.
> BR,
> Martin

Martin's options above and Sven's option to open and then do a
SaveAs.... all, in my opinion, sort of miss the point.

My observation is that the "OpenAs" protects the user from themself.  If
a user (myself included!!!) is going is screw up a file, these sensible
methods that Martin and Sven list are probably not going to save the
user from themself.

However, IF you want to argue that such a user won't think to use (or
understand the meaning of) an OpenAs feature, I would probably agree
with you.  People who need to be protected from themselves often find
ways around every such protection.  And that includes me.  ;-)

For myself, I can see OpenAs being useful.

If Gimp had taskbar kinds of icons (my 2.6.6 on Linux does not; maybe
some others do?), I would _not_ include OpenAs on a taskbar by default
(but I like configurable taskbars to which one can add icons as one
pleases, but that is different subject).

However, I would include OpenAs in the File menu, if there is to be such
a feature.

My 2 øre worth...


P.S.  More importantly, please let's be sure that all the file "create"
PERMISSIONS are being created correctly.  I already posted a bug on
this, but I sure am getting tired of files being created with "rw- r--
r--" even though the umask, directory perms, etc., and everything else
is exactly as it should be.  This may have already been fixed, but I
don't have the skills to compile/install or whatever without hiring
somebody, which I am too cheap to do until I upgrade my OS from Ubuntu
8.04 to the latest and redo everything.
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