On 03/25/10 16:05, Lennart Svensson wrote:
> When using gimp in a shell and open a file r/o you write:
>   prompt> gimp -a picture.jpg
> So what I want is to use the '-a' feature when I use 'open image' window.
> This feature exist in the application but you can only reach it from the 
> shell prompt.
> So my question is why it is not reachable inside gimp ?
> I can live without the feature but if I press Contr-S will my original file 
> be destroyed.
> /Lennart
> PS. I use the '-a' to inhibit destroying

Use Ctrl+shift+s instead of ctrl+s

Adding the shift opens the "save as" dialog and will not destroy the

I don't see the additional complexity as needed since ctrl+shift+s does
what you need it to do (preserve the original).

Again, I also suggest copying the file (cp original.ext
original.bak.ext) before you begin editing it. I generally use
ctrl+shift+s out of habit even if I plan on destroying the original by
overwriting it.

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