On Wednesday 24 March 2010 23:03:26 Lennart Svensson wrote:
> This button should inhibit the possibility to save the file during editing
>  and destroy the original file. Same as the command line option -a.
I don't know the exact current state of the save/export menu discussion, but 
wasn't the plan that "Save" should always save as xcf? This would mean that 
only xcf files could be overwritten accidentally. And they should be either 
versioned anyway, or they are not irreproducible, at least not as much as a 
camera shot, for example.
Overwriting a real photo cannot be undone without taking that photo again, but 
rearranging layers in a composition is usually much easier.

So maybe your problem will be solved anyway with the next GIMP version :)

2¢ from someone who doesn't spend very much time with GIMP anymore at the 
moment (unfortunately),

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