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>> >If you get the same result, here is something else to try.
>> >At the dos prompt, type "c:\program
>> >then hit the tab key.  It should fill in the rest of the program files
>> >directory.  The directory name will be followed by double quotes, press
>> the
>> >backspace key once to remove the "
>> >Then type: \gimp
>> >and hit the tab key again.  It should fill in the rest of the gimp
>> directory
>> >name.
>> >Then type the closing quote and add  /s >gimpinstall.txt
>Did you try using the tab key?  That really should work.  You can even do it
>with a bit less typing.

>dir "c:\prog <tab>  then c:\program files" should appear.  Then backspace to
>erase the quote after files and type \g then hit the tab key.  If something
>other then gimp appears just keep hitting the tab key and it should show the
>other things that begin with g.  If none of those is a gimp directory, then
>you definitely should reinstall.

>> Thank you for the support.
>> I am on my other computer, and downloaded Gimp here, and the filters work
>> FINE!~
>> I will try that when I'm on my other computer.
>> Thank you SO MUCH for helping!
>> Also, same to the others who are helping me so much!
>You are welcome.  Hope this gets resolved.  It might be worth reinstalling
>if you can't get past this problem.

>Is the computer that you just installed gimp on that works also running
>windows 7 64 bit?


Yes,it is.~

Jenette (via gimpusers.com)
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