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> I have come across this rather nasty website: "gimp.us.com" which appears to 
> offer GIMP bundled with a bunch of horrible adware when you use their 
> installer. The website looks like it's official, and they even tell you about 
> all the adware it will install, they also claim that GIMP is "advertiser 
> supported" which is why they can offer it for free, but is this legal? Can 
> something be done? Aren't they breaking the GNU licence? I fear, if not 
> challenged, websites like this will ruin the reputation of GIMP. I have come 
> across quite a few people who have used this site to install GIMP, thinking 
> it is an official download, and then found their computer compromised. 

When I click their download link, I'm directed to sourceforge, ie. the
official download. Also, I tried turning off Adblock Plus and I still
see only one small advertisement at the very bottom of the page (where
do they claim that GIMP is ad supported?)

I don't think they are breaking the license in any way, although they
should of course note that http://www.gimp.org is the official home
page. They do however link to gimp.org some places.

(I'm not at all endorsing gimp.us.com, but I don't think they're doing
anything illegal, nor do I see signs of adware.)

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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