>Yes, that does mention an ad-supported program. However, I still find no
>way to install what they're advertising, only the official version. I've
>downloaded the Windows version, it really is the official Windows
>installer as packaged by Jernej Simončič. I guess they could be charged
>with not providing the most up-to-date download (2.6.11, they're
>providing 2.6.10), but the checksum of the two files are the same.

>(Also, freefr.dl.sourceforge.net is still part of
>*.sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-win/*, so no problem there.)

>It does seem though, that perhaps at some point in time they did provide
>an adware installer, and the disclaimer-page is a remnant from that?
>(They do have GPL links now, at least.)

>Or perhaps they just never got around to writing that adware version?
>Best to keep an eye on them then =P

It sure does look like either they did offer the adware infected installer at 
some point in the past,  but have since changed it back to the official 
download and simply forgot to remove this page.  Probably it is best to still 
warn people to stay clear of this site.

As to some of the other comments here like "buyer beware" and people "get what 
they deserve". I'm sorry but I don't agree with that callous attitude. The 
internet can be a dangerous place, and lots of people who know little about 
computers can be easily duped into downloading something they didn't expect.  
Even though this site doesn't actually appear to be illegal anymore, I think it 
still is probably worth warning others to stay clear of it - hence my post. 

And yes, I do care about what happens to other people.

I am not saying it should be made illegal for people to make mistakes, for 
goodness sake!

bktheman34 (via gimpusers.com)
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