On Friday, August 19, 2011, bktheman34 wrote:
> >When I click their download link, I'm directed to sourceforge, ie. the
> >official download. Also, I tried turning off Adblock Plus and I still
> >see only one small advertisement at the very bottom of the page (where
> >do they claim that GIMP is ad supported?)
> >
> >I don't think they are breaking the license in any way, although they
> >should of course note that http://www.gimp.org is the official home
> >page. They do however link to gimp.org some places.
> >
> >(I'm not at all endorsing gimp.us.com, but I don't think they're doing
> >anything illegal, nor do I see signs of adware.)
> Here is the offending page:
> http://www.gimp.us.com/free-photo-editor/disclaimer.php

I see no mention of the GPL or links to download the source code for GIMP on 
that page (or on http://dl.gimp.us.com/) . If their installer is providing 
the executable from their own repository then they are supposedly required 
to do this. (Perhaps these links are available in the installer?)

I believe the FSF provides enforcement of GPL related complaints.

http://www.gimp.us.com/ is providing an installer which is the "service and 
software" they take responsibility for. They do not claim authorship of 
GIMP, but the way they choose to distribute it seems (to me) to fail to 
comply w/ the GPL.

If anyone has tried this installer, and not had source code offered upon 
request (for GIMP, not the installer) then I would suggest they contact the 
FSF or GIMP developers.

see ya
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