On 2011-08-19 14:39, bktheman34 wrote:
 > I have come across this rather nasty website: "gimp.us.com" which
 > appears to offer GIMP bundled with a bunch of horrible adware when
 > you use their installer. The website looks like it's official, and
 > they even tell you about all the adware it will install, they also
 > claim that GIMP is "advertiser supported" which is why they can offer
 > it for free, but is this legal? Can something be done?

Perhaps sites like this would be less attractive if the GIMP team would 
provide an official binaries for Windows and Mac:

"The GIMP team doesn't provide official Mac binaries."

"The GIMP team doesn't officially provide any Windows binaries."

(This is nothing I personally need since I use Linux.)
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