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> I see no mention of the GPL or links to download the source code for GIMP on
> that page (or on http://dl.gimp.us.com/) . If their installer is providing
> the executable from their own repository then they are supposedly required
> to do this. (Perhaps these links are available in the installer?)

They are not providing a download. They are providing a link to an
existing download. The whole web site does not actually DO anything
except show misleading charts to users and offer up links to downloads
they don't own.

Further, they DO provide a link to the source code right there at the
bottom of every page, and they clearly acknowledge the fact that Gimp
is GPL'ed software. They don't pretend to have created it or have
anything to do with its development. Near as I can tell, this site's
sole purpose is to show up in search results and display ads to
people. There's nothing illegal about that.

Frank Gore
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