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>>When I click their download link, I'm directed to sourceforge, ie. the
>>official download. Also, I tried turning off Adblock Plus and I still
>>see only one small advertisement at the very bottom of the page (where
>>do they claim that GIMP is ad supported?)
>>I don't think they are breaking the license in any way, although they
>>should of course note that http://www.gimp.org is the official home
>>page. They do however link to gimp.org some places.
>>(I'm not at all endorsing gimp.us.com, but I don't think they're doing
>>anything illegal, nor do I see signs of adware.)
> Here is the offending page: 
> http://www.gimp.us.com/free-photo-editor/disclaimer.php

Yes, that does mention an ad-supported program. However, I still find no
way to install what they're advertising, only the official version. I've
downloaded the Windows version, it really is the official Windows
installer as packaged by Jernej Simončič. I guess they could be charged
with not providing the most up-to-date download (2.6.11, they're
providing 2.6.10), but the checksum of the two files are the same.

(Also, freefr.dl.sourceforge.net is still part of
*.sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-win/*, so no problem there.)

It does seem though, that perhaps at some point in time they did provide
an adware installer, and the disclaimer-page is a remnant from that?
(They do have GPL links now, at least.)

Or perhaps they just never got around to writing that adware version?
Best to keep an eye on them then =P

Kevin Brubeck Unhammer

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