On 14 Jan 2000, Rui-Tao Dong wrote:

> My question is what is the minimal machine configuration for Gimp to
> work reasonably fast?  What CPU, how much RAM, what video card (to
> drive a 21" Hitachi at 1600x1200)?  Does it make a big difference if
> my home (where gimpswap resides) is local instead of NFS mounted?

gimpswap should ALWAYS reside locally. If you have it over NFS now, your
performance should increase quite a bit if you move it to something local.
Also, you should make sure that the tile cache size is set to something
reasonable - half the amount of ram in the machine is a good guess (unless
there are many other memory-intensive apps running at the same time). The
default tile cache size is 10mb; something larger will increase
performance (assuming there is enough ram).


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