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 >>> My question is what is the minimal machine configuration for Gimp
 >>> to work reasonably fast?  What CPU, how much RAM, what video card
 >>> (to

 Kelly> Piddle.  I use GIMP on a P120 with 88 megs of RAM and two
 Kelly> relatively uninteresting hard drives.  It's not blazing, but
 Kelly> it's adequately fast for me.

Thanks for all the replies.  I am still wondering if anyone has seen
Gimp really really fast with large images on reasonably cost machines?
(100K SGIs are out of the question :-)

A little bit more detail on my settings.  A work, I have a 200MHz PPro
(RH 5.2) with 384MB memory and a dedicated 100BaseT line to an 266MHz
PII (WNT4) running VNC as my X terminal.  The video card is on a
Matrox Corona framegrabber (4MB Millennium II equivalent).  I do
different kind of image processing at work.  1kx1k grayscale is very
fast with this setting (mostly custom C++ code).  But 1600x1200 color
image is slow. (Gimp 1.13)

At home, I have a 200MHz PPro (RH 5.1) with 32MB memory.  I use
XFree86 SVGA server on a 4MB Millennium II (at 1600x1200x16bit).  The
machine is very fast with everything else.  However, Gimp with
1600x1200 color image is quite slow, even with simple repainting.
Should I play with backstore and how do I turn it on?

I have another headless 166MHz Alpha UDB with 80MB of memory.  Gimp
1.04 is understandably slow.


                        Rui-Tao (x679)

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