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>  Erunantion> Well, my first thought is - get more ram. though what
>  Erunantion> exactly is this backstore thing?
> Well, it takes 5V 168pin EDO/ECC DIMM, which isn't cheap comparing
> with commodity memory.  That's part of the reason that I am looking
> for a new machine.  Also, I haven't seen any significant speed up from
> my 384MB machine.

Yeah, i know that you mean as far as ram prices go.... i could use more
for my system, but i don't have the cash for it.

> Do you know what Alpha is that?  I am also thinking about a previous
> generation 533MHz 164SX.  Quite a few were sold for $250 (CPU & MB) a
> while back on EBay.  I don't know where to find it now.

here's the info he knows about the alpha:

AlphaPC 164LX
600mhz EV5 chip
4mb L1 cache
256mb ECC PC100 SDRAM
6gb Ultr5a SCSI 2 HD

he doesn't know about the price of one, since he got it through work.

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